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Rental Fees are based on a price per person charge:

# of guestsprice per person (USD)*
2-10 Guests$125
10-25 Guests$150
25-45 Guests$150
45-80 Guests$150
80-120 Guests$175
130-250 Guests$175

*Additional expenses may apply. For further details, please visit our Pricing page, or contact us to discuss your wedding plans.

When you book your event at St. Nicholas Abbey, the following is included in the rental fee:

  • Venue rental (public or private depending on nature of rental agreement)
  • One (1) St. Nicholas Abbey dedicated events coordinator whose function is to protect the property and to be available to answer questions and assist in an emergency. We do not provide party planning or wedding planning services
  • Tours of residence and heritage attraction
  • One (1) Security Guard on premises
  • For smaller weddings, use of the property's public restrooms (additional wash rooms are required when the wedding is on the Croquet Lawn)
  • For weddings held on the Café Terrace, use of existing tables and cushioned chairs; canopy / shades are also available
  • Parking, inclusive bus accommodation (exclusive parking attendants)
  • Water and electricity*

*generators are required in some instances

What is NOT included in the rental fee:

  • Generators
  • Specialist Flowers
  • Tents
  • Flooring
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Music
  • Specialist Lighting
  • Catering & Bar

In general, the following may be required:

  • Tenting for outdoor events
  • All equipment and supplies including tables*, chairs*, glassware, linen and cooking items
  • Outside vendor purchases and services including flowers, photography, musicians, bakery, etc
  • Set-up and Clean-up services
  • Event planner or coordinator: you must designate a “go to” person in your party for the day of your event. This person must be a hired professional for weddings of 45 persons or more; for smaller weddings, it can be a family member, friend, yourself, or anyone who you designate who will assume responsibility for the wedding's logistics and other responsibilities.

*Tables and cushioned chairs are available for receptions (up to 75 persons) held on the Café Terrace, which also has an awning (additional fee) in the event of inclement weather.

For weddings on the Croquet Lawn:

Holding a wedding on the Croquet Lawn has several intrinsic requirements due to the nature of the venue. St. Nicholas Abbey requires that these events supply the following:

  • Wedding Planner
  • Tents and Flooring
  • Lighting (both event and additional security lighting for the parking lot and walkways)
  • Portable Bathrooms
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Generators
  • Portable Catering Kitchen Facilities
  • Portable Bar Facilities
  • Set-up and Clean-up Services

Cocktails and canapés may be arranged on the Café Terrace or in the Sandbox Tree Courtyard (pending numbers), with the main reception moving to the Croquet Lawn afterward.

All additional costs are extra to the venue fee.

A deposit of 25% plus VAT (17.5%) is required to reserve the date of the event; this deposit is refundable up to 60 (sixty) days prior to the event.  Payment in full must be received one week prior to the event; any miscellaneous costs arising after this payment may be settled after the event has taken place.

All renting parties will be required to sign and comply with a standard facilities rental agreement in order to hold an event at St. Nicholas Abbey.  In addition, if music or entertainment is to be offered, rental parties will also be required to obtain a license from COSCAP (Copyright Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers Inc). Contracts are not negotiable. Various levels of insurance will need to be obtained depending on the nature of the event.

Please contact our staff to discuss your plans and ideas and to arrange a tour of St. Nicholas Abbey. Tours are generally conducted during opening hours, Sunday - Friday from 10.00 am - 3.30 pm. The plantation is closed on Saturdays.

Guest capacity ranges based on the venue selected within the plantation, from a few guests to 350. Our event staff will confer with you to determine which venues are suitable for your event plans. For more information, please visit our Wedding Venues section.

St. Nicholas Abbey is open to the public Monday to Friday and Sundays from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm.  Although regular visitors to the plantation will be present, these daytime weddings can be very intimate events set against St. Nicholas Abbey’s beautiful natural setting, making them an ideal option for destination weddings and those who prefer a smaller affair.  An area will be reserved for your wedding, but it does not include exclusive use of the grounds.

The plantation is closed on Saturdays and during the evening, so larger weddings held during these times will enjoy exclusive use of the property.

Due to our ongoing conservation efforts, access to the Great House is limited during both public and private events.  We are unable to permit photography inside the house, and prohibit all food, drink and smoking.  An adult must accompany children at all times and all guests must strictly observe roped-off areas within the house.

Tours of the house may be offered in groups of 25 dependent upon guest numbers and both event guests are welcome to take photographs using the exterior of the Great House as a backdrop. The house closes at 9pm, however the façade remains lit during the duration of the evening.

*No equipment can be plugged into any of the Great House sockets.

We recommend bridal parties get ready prior to arriving at St. Nicholas Abbey, however access to a bedroom on the second floor of the Great House may be provided at the discretion of the owners. Access will be limited to the bride and her attendants for dress changes, last minute hair and make-up touch-ups only; no food, drinks or photography are allowed.  Please note there is no air-conditioning and it can be quite hot within the house.

St. Nicholas Abbey welcomes visitors with special needs.  We recommend you speak with one our tour guides at the front of the Great House for personalised advice on how to make the most of your visit to the plantation.

Where possible within the context of preservation and authenticity and due to limitations of space, ramps and pathways have been installed for accessibility.  The front entrance to the great house and first floor of the home are wheelchair and walker-accessible; our guides will be happy to assist you within the great house and museum.  Motorized scooters are not permitted within the Great House; wheelchair access is allowed through the central corridor of the house only, but is not possible through the entirety of the ground floor of the residence

Please be advised that the grounds may be uneven as they consist of gravel, dirt and cobblestones; the plantation's gullies include some steep walkways.

St. Nicholas Abbey is a National Heritage Attraction, and by law, smoking is not permitted on the property.  During private events, special arrangements can be made.

We have ample parking in our designated areas located within easy walking distance of the Great House; we can also accommodate van and bus parking.

Additional security and car park attendants may be organized at additional fee, and are required for larger events.

During special events, one security guard will be provided.  Additional security and car park attendants may be organized at additional fee, and are required for larger events.

We do not offer accommodation at St. Nicholas Abbey and in light of our conservation efforts are unable to provide access to the private quarters of the Great House.

There are many excellent accommodation options within close proximity of St. Nicholas Abbey, including private holiday villas, hotels and condominiums.

Private Villas

Waverly Villa Barbados


Cobblers Cove 
Port St. Charles
Sugar Cane Club
Atlantis Hotel
Little Good Harbour
Hotel Little Good Hope

Villa & Holiday Rentals

Blue Sky Luxury
Realtors Limited
Altman Real Estate

Our recommended planners, caterers and vendors have been carefully selected to ensure you receive the best quality customer service, products and overall experience. 

We do allow other vendors to be utilised, however due to the nature of our historical setting, St. Nicholas Abbey reserves the right of final approval over all arrangements.

The kitchen at St. Nicholas Abbey is available to small weddings for canapé preparation only.

For larger weddings and all weddings hosted on the Croquet Lawn, all equipment must be rented by the caterer or the client.

We welcome live music including bands and steel drums or DJs during your event; all music must finish by 11pm, but special arrangements can be made until 2.00 am latest.

St. Nicholas Abbey reserves the right of final approval over all vendors.

We do not provide audio-visual equipment. Clients must contact a professional audio-visual company to provide this equipment and these services. Arrangements and costs for this equipment and services are the responsibility of the client and must be approved by St. Nicholas Abbey in advance of the event, as well as the use of power sources, as generators may be required.

Yes, set-up can begin the day before the wedding. 

St. Nicholas Abbey closes at 3.30 pm on Friday afternoon; set-up can begin earlier on the condition that it does not affect service to regular visitors, and pending size and location of the event.  This is subject to final agreement.

We do not permit candlelight or open flame inside our buildings. Fireworks and any kind of sparklers are prohibited due to the potential fire hazard to grounds, buildings, museum, and guests. Outdoor candle arrangements are permitted but must have fire protective globes.

We do not permit throwing rice, birdseed or confetti, blowing bubbles, etc. at ceremonies or receptions. These types of materials cause damage to the grounds and could be hazardous to guests walking throughout the site.

We do allow flowers, petals or other organic materials, subject to final approval.

Yes, as long as they comply with floral guidelines provided to each client and florist, and will not interfere with other visitors' experience during operating hours.